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Konstantinos Trantopoulos.jpg

Konstantinos Trantopoulos

Senior Advisor

Konstantinos Trantopoulos has 10+ years of experience in corporate strategy, management consulting, and cutting-edge research in Europe and North America.
In his previous role at Accenture, Konstantinos worked with Fortune 500 companies to help them address their strategy needs, build new businesses, and leverage emerging digital technologies. He also managed relationships with key client accounts, built ecosystem partnerships, and led thought leadership initiatives as part of Accenture’s global growth and strategy unit. 
Konstantinos holds a PhD in Strategic Management from ETH Zurich (highest hons; ETH Medal) and an MSc in Applied Mathematics from National Technical University of Athens. He has been a Visiting Fellow at IMD Business School, KOF Swiss Economic Institute, MIT, and University of California San Diego.
His work has been featured in top-tier academic and practitioner journals such as MIT Sloan Management Review, Management Information Systems Quarterly, Environmental Science & Technology, as well as in a variety of media outlets including WEF, Handelszeitung, Hubert Burda Media DLD, Raiffeisen Forum, and CNNMoney.

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