Advisory Services 
& Thought Leadership

Evolution Ltd offers bespoke advisory services for clients who seek to navigate and win in this shifting competitive context.

We bring to bear a complex set of complementary skills, drawing on world-class specialists. They are thought leaders, consultants and executives engaged with leading established firms and disruptors, or entrepreneurs and top regulators, and former politicians. Together with cutting-edge academic research, from London Business School and other top institutions, as well as engagement in initiatives of the World Economic Forum, our specialists are chosen to help provide the right context for the services required.

Evolution Ltd offers bespoke advisory, particularly for firms looking to succeed through building and leveraging (digital) ecosystems. Expertise is top-notch, and the team and scope is customized to suit the client, from one person workshops to multi-person teams working full time with a number of external advisors. We do not employ full-time advisors so as to avoid the need to be “selling projects” which do not add value across the board. As such, we are independent and client focused. Examples of engagements range from half-day workshops to multi-month projects.

Brief assignment examples— part of a day, to two days:

  • Providing guidance on the new ecosystem strategy aiming to reinvigorate the offerings of the B2B, B2C and B2G arms of the firm during the strategy away day in of one of the worlds’ leading energy providers
    Help guide their strategy, working alongside the CEO, and propose new directions- such as the creation of a new “B2G2E” (Business to Government to Electorate) approach to better embed the firm in its context, to offer innovative, successful propositions.


  • Rethinking the strategy of a top diamond producer and retailer alongside one of the top consultancies 
    Focus on value migration along their sector, and identify how they can leverage and engage participants beyond their traditional distribution chain drawing on technology.


  • Conducting three sessions with (a) the Board of Directors, (b) Senior Leadership Team and (c) Working Group of Ecosystems of a major Swiss insurer aimed at exploring how it should rethink its scope and offerings
    Consider digital links as the insurance firm and financial service conglomerate in question starts explicitly build up its own ecosystem.  


  • Revisiting the value-add approach of one of Europe’s fastest growing and most profitable mobile telcos with the CEO and Senior Leadership Team (as well as Senior Partners of the consultants)
    Led to the articulation of three key ecosystems on elderly remote monitoring and care, customer mobile home hub, and B2B offerings.

Longer engagement examples— multiple weeks to multiple months, two to six core team members:

  • Conducting a case-study of a top Chinese appliance manufacturer to document and assess the radically decentralized organizational model chosen by the CEO to drive their strategy of leading through networked devices and digital ecosystems.
    Help shape the narrative for the firms’ future direction (and prepare a case study and research papers / thought leadership pieces).


  • Articulating and refining the digital ecosystem strategy of one of the biggest Chinese technology firms, particularly in light of the US/China current context of trade dispute.
    Reshape the current strategy of the firm, with sales in the Billions of USD; some of the recommendations have already been followed, and further follow-on engagements are
    being finalized.


  • Ongoing support on strategy, organization design and strategic priorities in one of Southern Europe’s leading corporate and tax law firms, working with the Managing
    Partners and their team.

    High-level advisory – supporting the gradual formalization of the strategy process in a competitive PFS context. 

We help bridge the latest academic thinking, world-class expertise from industry, and unrivaled access to the regulatory world to provide services of real value add.