Building Ecosystems

We put our expertise into action by helping build ecosystems for our clients through apps, programming tools and AI support. 

We offer a unique combination of cutting-edge ecosystem advice plus hands-on expertise and solid partners.

Clients and projects
A recent major project was a geo-located digital ecosystem for one of Europe’s largest property developments.

Clients have included:

  • Haier, an Asian Big Tech seeking to rethink its ecosystem strategy.

  • Enelx, a utility provider rethinking its value add to local authorities and homeowners.

  • MasMovil, a telco providing an ecosystem for integrated healthcare monitoring for the elderly.

  • Philips, one of Europe’s top digital healthcare firms. 

We have also supported ecosystem ventures in the US such as Traipse LLC, which has developed a geo-located mixed-reality app, and MyLocalToken, which is currently crowdsourcing investments to support local ecosystems of digital tokens.

Technology Partners

Our preferred partner, Grapevine, has developed a cutting-edge, proven technology solution for creating digital platforms that support dynamic, omnichannel, interconnected interactions between your customers, partners and merchants. Grapevine Business & Technology Solution (GBTS) provides online services (bookings, reservations, etc) combined with digital operations (workflow management systems, AI conversational assistant, etc) to help enterprises increase their revenue streams, reduce their operational costs and improve customer satisfaction.

Working with Grapevine, we can combine business-model and ecosystem design with custom operational, turnkey solutions, seamlessly integrated with your systems.


Blanc Labs is our preferred partner when we are working with enterprises looking to digitize and automate their operations, and to build their next generation of digital products and services.

To help companies rapidly deliver on their digital initiatives, Blanc Labs has developed reusable components and automations for a wide variety of applications including financial services, real-time health, enterprise productivity, customer experience and loyalty, among others.

For example, Blanc Labs is leading the development of next gen banking platforms and are actively promoting the open banking ecosystem through their flexible API connectivity. In healthcare, they are promoting health data interoperability and building connected solutions as the preferred delivery partner for the Smile CDR platform. They have also successfully supported multiple ecosystem ventures, such as in the mobility as service space

By working with Blanc Labs, we can combine ecosystem advise and platform-based strategy with product engineering to build multi-purpose digital platforms and Super Apps that deliver all-in-one customer experience.

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A few words from our clients

In MASMOVIL we collaborated with Michael (Evolution ltd) in refining our business strategy and to incorporate the ecosystem logic in our growth plans. Our discussions with Michael have been eye-opening and helpful in defining which complementary businesses to our telecom core activity we want to act and how we want to do that. We learned to consciously select our role in orchestrating providers, partners and subsidiaries in new ventures and first results of our new activities are promising!

Meinrad Spenger, CEO