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We are a group of advisors, researchers and analysts helping clients find the right path through the ever-changing digital landscape.

Our members are based at leading institutions around the world and work with global firms across a range of industries. 
We offer expert advice, workshops and keynotes – plus hands-on support with building digital ecosystems
Click on a portrait below to learn more about our advisors, their background and their unique skills. 

How we work
Because we don’t employ full-time staff, we can put together the ideal team for every project, based on the skills and competence it requires. That usually means a core team of advisors and analysts, backed up by talented junior staff in support. However, to keep our services cohesive, we do keep the same team in place across multiple projects for the same clients. Our approach keeps the focus where it should be: on you and your project.

To learn more about our teams and the way we work

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