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Keynote Presentations
& Events

Tailored keynotes and talks by global thought leaders that can educate, broaden perspectives and inspire.

We represent thought leaders (such as Prof. Michael G. Jacobides from London Business School) for keynotes in global events. We work both via agencies (recent engagements include the London Speakers Bureau and Washington Speakers Bureau, and also Promostudio, Speaker Associates, Pro-Motivate and Chartwell Speakers), and, more cost-effectively, directly with companies who want to have access to top notch expertise and lively presenters.
Recent clients include Philips, Globe telecom, Baltcap, Doka group, Umdasch, d-1 consulting, Banca TransilvaniaEnel and EnelX, SAP, Mastercard, BCG, PwC, Accenture, McKinsey & Co, DeBeers, Credit Suisse, SwissRe, NZZ, ECR, Confindustria, The Global Drucker Forum and others.  Speaking engagements vary from panel participation in small, selective events, to structuring and directing group discussions with delicate agendas in top executive meetings, to talks and keynotes medium-sized gatherings of executives to central talks in 1,000-person annual meeting or industry events.

We were looking for a distinguished academic speaker who also has a deep understanding about the core of building a successful business and we were super happy that you more than fulfilled our expectations in this realm, also your energy and presentation skills are outstanding, the time flew by super quickly during your presentation. What I appreciate a lot is that you adjusted your presentation to the audience and the specific business sectors represented and included so many different examples and case studies. Cooperation was smooth from my point of view, it was great that you accepted our invitation to the team dinner and took extra time with us.

Riin Savi, Head of Communications and Culture

BaltCap Academy

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