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Carmelo Cennamo

Senior Academic Advisor

Carmelo Cennamo is Professor of Strategy and Entrepreneurship at Copenhagen Business School where he is co-director of the MBA program, Entrepreneurship concentration. He is an Affiliate Professor at SDA Bocconi School of Management, and has been a visiting research fellow at Harvard and visiting professor at IE Business School. 
He is a leading expert on competition in digital platform markets, and on business ecosystems and frequent keynote speaker in academic, corporate, and broad-appeal events.
His research aims at understanding how the peculiarities of multi-sided platforms affect competitive dynamics in digital markets and the strategies for managing platform ecosystems. Recently, his focus is on the impact of platforms on traditional sectors and the policy implications in terms of market definition, competition, and antitrust. 
His work has been selected for AoM best paper award, SMS best paper prize, and has appeared in top academic journals such as SMJ, OrgSci, JMS, JoM, ISR, as well as MIT SMR, CMR and FT. 
He collaborates with the DEVO digital lab at SDA Bocconi and co-authored the report “A guide to platform economy for incumbents: How to understand and assess platform disruption”. 
On policy competition, he launched the Digital Market Competition Forum, an initiative to bridge academic research and practice on the ways digital platforms create value in the digital economy and promote a progressive agenda on the pressing challenges for competition regulation in digital markets.

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