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Dan Gould

Senior Advisor

Dan is the co-founder & CTO of BiasSync, and is a hands-on AI expert. Prior to that, Dan was co-founder of Tappy which was acquired by Tinder.  


He served as VP, Technology at Tinder, where he lead data and AI efforts while building revenue from zero to over $1 billion.  Previously, Dan was co-founder of Newroo which was acquired in 2006 by Fox Interactive Media/NewsCorp.


He then served  as VP, Technology at the Fox Audience Network as it grew from zero to the 5th-largest ad network. In 1999, he founded Corridor, inventing what is arguably the first modern social network. He was previously a researcher at the National Institutes of Health and at the Brown University Computer Graphics Group.  


He has consulted for a variety of companies, including Cyberkinetics, which developed the first Brain-Computer Interface.  He has won various awards in CS and served on several advisory boards, including Hyatt Hotels. Dan is an angel investor focusing on long-term deep technology companies.

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