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Dickie Ke

Senior Advisor

Dickie Ke has 30 years of experience in technology management and advisory. He has held leadership roles at Ericsson Business Consulting, Microsoft and Nokia, where he established numerous globally pioneering businesses such as cloud computing and mobile internet in Asia and China, working with clients such as China Mobile, China Telecom, NTT, and BAT.


He is a veteran on corporate innovation and entrepreneurship, with strong experience in incubating new ventures, and building platforms and eco-systems. Mr. Ke also used to advise incubators and accelerators, helping startups from founding to IPO.


Mr. Ke is a Sloan Fellow, with MSc in Leadership and Strategy, at London Business School. He is an Industry Mentor to Schwarzman Scholars at Tsinghua University.


He serves as Adjunct Faculty and Guest Lecturer / Speaker in leading universities and business schools, focusing on leadership, strategy, innovation, entrepreneurship, especially from a China perspective.


Mr. Ke has co-written business cases and book, most recently, “Innovation and Agility at Tencent’s WeChat” and “Handbook on China and Globalization” (Edward Elgar).


Mr. Ke’s works have been published or quoted by Harvard Business Review, Think, South China Morning Post, CGTN, and Fast Company. He spearheads Evolution Ltd’s business development in China.

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