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Yuri Romanenkov.jpg

Yuri Romanenkov

Senior Advisor

Yuri has 15 years of experience advising senior executives and private equity investors around Europe and North America on strategy, seven of them with the Boston Consulting Group in the firm’s London, New York, Paris, and Moscow offices. Yuri focuses on synthesizing the latest academic and practitioner insights in strategy for the leaders of and investors in the retail and consumer goods industries, which is also the subject of his doctoral research at SDA Bocconi. In addition to his advisory work, he is the Executive Vice President at the Stockholm School of Economics Riga where he chairs the Executive MBA programme and teaches Strategy in undergraduate and executive programmes across the Stockholm School of Economics network. His prior teaching career includes teaching introductory economics at Harvard University under Prof. N.G. Mankiw. Yuri holds an MBA with Distinction from Harvard Business School.

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