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How Will AI Impact your Business? From Productivity to Strategic Transformation

AI, especially Generative AI (GenAI), has experienced astonishing uptake due to its usercentric design, surpassing traditional focus on monetization or business applications. GenAI stands out as a transformative tool in both personal and professional realms.

Businesses often overlook AI's strategic impact, focusing predominantly on immediate operational efficiencies, rather than understanding its profound effects on competitive dynamics and long-term business viability.

AI operates on three pivotal levels - transforming strategic operations and process design, innovating business models, and redefining organizational existence, necessitating a holistic approach to AI integration.

AI challenges traditional business models, prompting a re-evaluation of revenue sustainability, competitive positioning, and industry ecosystems, as evidenced in sectors from fitness and financial services – or business education and business schools which the paper applies its framework to..

AI's integration in high-stakes fields like healthcare and law raises critical questions about regulatory compliance, ethical considerations, and the evolving role of human oversight in technology-driven sectors.

Firms must develop resilient strategies to embrace AI, requiring a rethinking of their role, customer engagement, and organizational transformation, balancing operational integration with regulatory navigation.

Read the full paper here.

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